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April 10, 2017
This weekend we screened the film at the Victoria TX Indie Film Festival, where we were nominated for Best Documentary. Cole was there to represent the filmmaking team, and held a Q&A with the audience. At the closing ceremony of the festival, The Surrounding Game was announced as the winner of the 'Frels Award'! The Frels is a tribute to the late Rubin Frels, a tireless advocate for the arts who spearheaded independent film in south Texas for many years. We've got another festival in two weeks - the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival in Dubuque, IA. See you there!
April 3, 2017
Five years to the day since our very first day of shooting, we arrive at the 2017 American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA, for our world premiere! The festival was a blast, and we had a wonderful screening and Q&A with the directors. The film seemed well-received, and people had a lot of questions afterward! We also got to connect with some other indie doc filmmakers, and share our experiences of cutting a feature. And of course we taught a few of them how to play. Next stop: Victoria TX Indie Film Fest, April 8! For a list of other upcoming screenings, see the "screenings and schedule" page:...
February 14, 2017
We are excited to announce that the West Coast Premiere of The Surrounding Game will be held at the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA! It just so happens that AmDocs, which runs from March 31 to April 5, coincides precisely with the five-year anniversary of the project. Indeed, March 31 was the date of our very first shoot at the Feng Yun Go School all the way back in 2012. It’s been five stressful and exhilarating years, but we’re so excited to finally bring the film to you! We are awaiting decisions from over a dozen more domestic film festivals – and some international ones – over the next several...
February 7, 2017
The official theatrical trailer has just been released! Share the link with your friends, and get pumped!
September 1, 2016
After nearly four years since we first turned on the camera, we are proud to announce that The Surrounding Game is finally complete. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way! We have begun applying to film festivals, which will represent the first public screenings of the film next spring. Stay tuned for the first showings to be announced!
GoGameGuru Taking Go Game Guru back to its roots We can't keep up with everything we've been trying to do anymore. Go Game Guru will keep going, but we will close the Go shop and Baduk TV. All existing customers will be looked after. Once all... Park Junghwan and Tang Weixing proceed to 8th Ing Cup final 2016 is divisible by four, which means only one thing to Go fans - forget the Olympics, it's an Ing Cup year! The semifinals of the 8th Ing Cup were held in Wuhan, China from June 10 to 14, 2016....